This story orginally apeared on Travel and Leisure.

Keep mountain-top picnic provisions chilled on the hike up with these easy-to-carry cooler bags.

September 26, 2017

If there’s anything that can ruin a tailgate, picnic, road trip, or hike right from the get go, it’s not having the appropriate gear.

Your backpack should be ready for any sort of weather. Your travel organizer should be dependable. And your shoes should be comfortable enough that you can walk 10 miles without suffering from unbearable blisters.

Once you have those travel essentials taken care of, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared on another front: an insulated cooler bag. Cooler connoisseurs know toting the right cooler to an event will pretty much guarantee a good time, or at least ice cold drinks and non-melted, appropriately chilled treats.

After all, no one likes room temperature soda and a tuna salad sandwich that’s just a little too warm for comfort. Keep reading to see our picks for the 10 best insulated cooler bags.


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