The Amstel is a river that flows through the center of Amsterdam and it has long been a system for transportation throughout the city. The river runs right through the city and the name of the river is derived directly from the old Dutch translation for water area.

Some of the most famous river crossings for the city include the Magere Brug as well as the Hoge Sluis, Berlageburg and Blauwbrug. Along the banks of the river are also the opera house, Carre Theatre and Stopera City Hall.

The river is commonly used as a means of shipping into the city as well as transportation throughout the city. Amsterdam regularly hosts a number of rowing races towards the head of the River and the river is also commonly used for the canal parade route. Amsterdam has a floating Gay pride Parade festival and it’s one of the only ones in the world.

The Amstel River serves as inspiration throughout the city of Amsterdam, Amstel brewery for example takes its name directly from the River because some of the original beer was produced using water straight from the river.

As well as serving as inspiration for the city and many names throughout the city, the river has found its way into famous artwork including work by Rembrandt, Aert van der Neer, Piet Mondrain and Willem Witsen.

Some of the best views of the Amstel River can actually be seen from the Rembrandt Tower the tallest building in the city. A number of boat cruises often travel up and down the river throughout the day and into the canals of Amsterdam as well. These are some of the best ways that you can see the city as well as capture photos of the skyline of Amsterdam.


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