Anne Frank House Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anne Frank house is a museum that was first established on 3 May 1960 on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The museum is ranked third nationally with over 1.3 million visitors every year. The founder of the museum was Otto Frank and the museum is the original writer’s house dedicated to Anne Frank herself.

The diary of Anne Frank is a wartime diary of a young girl that hid from Nazi’s during war times in hidden rooms throughout their 17th century house. The canal house that the family lived in had a series of hidden features through a secret annex. Frank was unable to survive the war but her diary was published in found within the annex of the home. After her diary was published in 1947 the foundation was eventually formed through the late 1950s.

In the year 1957 the Anne Frank foundation officially purchased and protected the property from a number of developers that were interested in demolishing the canal house block. The museum officially opened in the year 1960 on May 3 as a permanent exhibition. The building still contains many of the original annexes and hiding places as well as some of the top artifacts from the family. If you are planning on visiting this attraction it’s important to arrive early as there is regularly alive at the front of the museum. The museum is also a member of the museum association and offers discounts throughout many of the other major museums in Amsterdam by purchasing bundled admissions. Tickets for the Anne Frank Museum can be purchased through the Amsterdam portal, at the museum directly or through several hotel concierge services. If you’re interested in seeing the history of World War II in Amsterdam up close and personal, this is one of the best experiences in the Netherlands.


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