Location / Language:German / Currency: Euro / Population:82,369,000

Topography Of Terror

Topography Of Terror

Topography Of Terror The typography of terror is an indoor and outdoor history Museum that can be found in Berlin Germany. The land in this...

Reichstag Building The Basics

One of the characteristic features of this building is the glass dome that sits at the top of the structure and has a 360°...
Reichstag Building

Reichstag Building

The Reichstag building is a house of historical significance located in Berlin. The construction of this house was first completed for housing Imperial assemblies....
Museum Island

Museum Island A River Island In Berlin

Museum Island is the name of an island that can be found in the middle of the Spee River in the Mitte District of...
Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial In Germany

The Holocaust Memorial pays tribute to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust across Europe. The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe is its...

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