Big Ben London, England

Big ben is otherwise known as the Elizabeth Tower and it stands towards the northern end of the Palace of Westminster. Big Ben has long been a symbol of London and the tower which is built in its own Gothic revival style stands at around 96 m tall. The building was completed in 1855 originally and the tower itself actually doesn’t carry the name Big Ben. The name is actually the nickname for the giant bell inside the clock  within the tower of Westminster. The tower is called the Elizabeth Tower in celebration of the diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and the bell continues to be called big Ben. The tower has stood for over 150 years and the clock has become a setting shot in many films set in London.

The clock that is on the tower was originally designed by Augustus Pugin. The dials are made of an iron frame better around 23 feet in total diameter. The clock face is made up of 312 pieces of opal glass and the entire piece is closer to a stained-glass window that an actual clock. The clock inside the towers also known for its incredible reliability. Adjustments can be made to the pendulum which is kept in a windproof enclosure to ensure maximum accuracy. Only a few stoppages throughout history have been noted and the clock is generally accurate within just a few seconds of standard time.

The bell inside is the largest bell inside the tower and it was once one of the largest in a clock tower in the British Isles. The original version of the bell was cast in a 16 tonne hour bell. There are four other bills which are housed inside the tour that play a 20 note sequence at increments throughout the day.

Big Ben has become a huge cultural symbol for the United Kingdom and it is a must see attraction for your holiday photos!

Big Ben London, England


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