British Museum London, England

The British Museum of London is housed in a building that was established in 1753 on great Russell Street. The collection in the British Museum of London stands at just over 8 million artifacts and nearly 7,000,000 people visit these artifacts every year.

The British Museum of London is the most visited national Museum as well as one of the top five museums visited in the world. Public transit for this museum features access to the building through Goodge street, Hoborn street and Tottenham court road. The building itself as 94 gallery space that over 807 ft.² Some of the most famous works of art are the museum itself which now has a large center great court that was developed in 2001 with a blue ceiling atrium.

The works housed within this museum are one of the largest collections and most comprehensive worldwide. The museum has items that can be found on almost every continent and they tell the story from human culture during the beginning of time all the way up to the present. The original artifacts housed within the museum were collected by scientist sir Hans Sloane and the museum was opened in a house on the site of the current building.

Housed within the museum along with the artifacts are also over 350,000 books and journals for research, the museum also releases a British Museum press from the trustees and based off of current research and excavations.

Some of the main artifacts which remain must see items include the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, oxus treasure, the mummy of katebet, preserved samurai armor the king of ife and more. There are tours of the museum that can be carried out by experts for almost any time frame. Whether you have an hour or a full day, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see within the British Museum of London.

British Museum London, England



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