Centraal Station Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Central is a railway station that features 15 different tracks and 11 platforms. It is located at Stationsplien 15 in the Netherlands and a series of rail lines operate here including the Rotterdam railway, Spoorwegen railway, Arnhem railway and more. The original building opened to traffic first in 1889 and the railway sees over 162,000 passengers every day.

The Amsterdam Centraal station is the second busiest railway station in the country only after Utrecht Centraal. The railway station is also one of the most visited national heritage sites for Torres in the Netherlands. As one of the largest and oldest national railway buildings the entire complex was designed by Pierre Cuypers a Dutch architect. Most of the architecture within the building is generated in a Renaissance revival and Gothic style. The main cast-iron platform is 40 m long and it’s set to expand under a renovation work due to open in the year 2018.

In 2017 these reconstruction works were planned to include some new platforms as well as various tunnels underneath the platforms to bring in new trains and improve the efficiency of the station. Many of the most historical railway lines in the country running since the 1800s arrive at this terminus and have over generations.

Schedules are updated regularly and the station offers considerable help the tourists are interested in exploring Amsterdam as well as catching trains all over Europe. Close access to the lake also ensures that the central station features very access to the northern side of the station for commuters who want the ultimate in convenience. Ferry services often run 24 hours a day every 6 to 12 min. and this ensures that many travelers can easily access the areas that they need to go without having to spend too much time walking. If you need to get anywhere in Amsterdam its likely you will be going to this landmark!

Centraal Station Amsterdam, Netherlands


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