Chinese Garden

The major theme involved with this garden style is integrating a number of architectural features alongside the natural environment of the flowers and fauna. The Chinese garden was established using a northern Chinese imperial style landscape feature. This is the type of garden that you may regularly discover in China but with this location in Malaysia you can be indebted at any time with greenery.  Some of the main features that you can see within the garden include the stone lion which is a large statue piece featuring a grain marble stone lion in a Chinese style. It garnered some of the main gates to the garden and it has been sculpted entirely out of a marble stone. The large bridge. The bridges in a Chinese garden generally pain and portal role for the structure and the path that a person takes through the garden. The 17 arch bridge is a famous bridge from Peking and in this Chinese garden there is a re-creation in a smaller form that represents the beauty of a Chinese garden bridge.

The rainbow bridge within this garden also represented the finish line in the reality TV series the amazing race Asia.

The main arch building is one of the most significant structures and houses two courtyards including a garden courtyard in the early spring court yard.

If you love gardening and architecture this is a must stop location in Singapore.



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