Dam Square Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dam Square is a town square located in Amsterdam which is also the capital of the Netherlands. Some of the most notable buildings in the area can be found here including the national Monument and the hotel Krasnapolsky.

Dam square represents one of the original historical centers of the city of Amsterdam and he can be accessed just 750 m to the south of Centraal station. The Park was formed at the original damning point for the river and the Park today is around 200 m on the West to Eastside and 100 m north to south side. The park serves as a linkage between Rokin street and Damrak. Towards the northeast corner is the red light district and on the west side of the square is the royal palace.

Standing in the center of the squares is one of the best ways that you can view architecture from the royal residences as well as the Gothic architecture of the new church. Mme. Tussaud’s wax Museum can also be found in this region making the square of very popular place for many tourists.

Brats were the most striking features of the square is the national Monument which was set to memorialize the victims in World War II. The monument was first placed in the year 1956 and designed by architect J.J. P. Oud.

As well as this national Monument are also shopping opportunities throughout the square at the department store known as De Bijenkorf. This store is one of the most famous in Amsterdam and a favored place to pick up many types of souvenirs for tourists across the area. Arriving at the right time of year in the square also could treat you to the large-scale fun fair that happens throughout the year on Christmas as well as Kings Day.

Dam Square Amsterdam, Netherlands


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