De Negen Straatjes roughly translates to the nine little streets which is a neighborhood within Amsterdam that connects nine made sidestreets into a central location. The area has been promoting itself under its name for district since the 1990s and a total area forms a large sub neighborhood within the Grachtengordel or Canal Belt.

De Negen Straatjes actually forms a series of amazing shops and restaurants in a small district that has been established since the 17th century. The original idea to promote the area as a shopping district first came from Djoeke Wessing. He was a small shopkeeper that was interested in bringing the same type of diverse traffic that he had experienced in a market in the Jordan. Improving business growth and cooperation between the nine streets and turning it into a district officially happened in the year 1996.

Some of the main attractions in this area go far beyond shopping as well. The Brillenmuseum or museum of eyeglasses is located here as well as the Bible Museum and the European center for art culture and science. One of the other major research facilities located in this area is the Dutch Institute for war documentation.

Plans to expand this neighborhood have recently come under way with the side street known as Hazenstraat attempting to all itself the 10th street in the 9 streets. With the success of many of the shops in the area as well as the various museums, it’s no wonder that another side street is interested in getting in on the action.

Whether you are in the mood for some exploration of history at one of the museums or some shopping at some of the most successful new shop stalls in Amsterdam, this is an area that has become very popular for its quintessential charm and its sense of community.


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