Gothic Quarter Barcelona, Spain

The Gothic quarter stands at the center of the old city in Barcelona and it moves from La Rambla all the way through Via Laietana. The Gothic quarter actually stretches all the way down to the sea front as well.

The area was first built in the late 19th century and has a number of buildings that date all the way back into medieval times. There are various remains scattered about the old quarter including what’s left of a Roman wall in the north and remnants of the medieval Jewish quarter.

The street plan in this area has many different streets that open out into picturesque squares throughout the area. In most cases as you’re walking down many of the streets you won’t find much traffic as a good number of the area streets would only be open to taxis and other specially designated vehicles.

Some of the main landmarks that can be found within the Gothic quarter include the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, the Basilica of La Merce, the church of St. Miguel, the portal de l’ Angel as well as the remains of the Temple of Augustus.

It is important to note that while there is an extensive amount of architecture and beautiful sites to explore in this area it’s very important to be wary while exploring the Gothic quarter. The Gothic quarter itself is one of the most popular pickpocketing centers in Barcelona. Tourists need to be extremely cautious on the items that they bring into this area as well as the people that they talk to throughout the area.

Overall this area is rich with history and guided tours are amongst some of the best ways that you can see all of the various architectural sites as well as truly understand the history of this region of Barcelona. The Gothic quarter can be reached via Barcelona Metro through the L3 stations of Drassanes and Liceu.

Gothic Quarter  Barcelona, Spain


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