Historic Centre Of Macau

The historic center of Macau stands as a UNESCO world heritage site. This area is known for 20 different locations that represent the coexistence of Portuguese and Chinese cultures together in Macau. The city at one time was a Portuguese colony there is unique architectural significance to this area especially when compared to other locations across Asia. This was the 31st designated world heritage site in China and it provides a historical testimony of the unique architectural charm and technological influences of both the East and West coming together. Macau is one of the rare places that has European influence as well as Asian influence with their trade and especially with the architecture throughout the area.

With so many historical buildings and monuments that have been protected in the zone, it is possible to see the history of architecture from both Europe and Asia represented here. The site has been named a UNESCO world heritage site since the year 2005 and in this area you can see historical buildings like St. Lawrence’s church, A-Ma Temple, Mandarins house and more.

There are over 20 different attractions to be found across zone one of this area as well as a selection of squares and open areas that have been protected as well. The second zone of this protected area mostly includes the Guia Fortress across an immediate urban area. The historic center of Macau is located in two zones because of an urban buffer and a park that sits between the majority of the sites and the Gia fortress. The fortress also includes a chapel and a lighthouse that are protected as part of the zone as well.

If you are an architecture buff or a history buff, this is an area you have to see in your vacation.

Historic Centre Of Macau Historic Centre Of Macau Historic Centre Of Macau


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