Hyde Park London, England

Hyde Park in London is one of the largest royal parks and also one of the most recognizable gardens in the world. The area was first separated from London in the year 1637 and the land still continues to be operated by the Royal Parks. Hyde Park is open year-round and the main entrance can be found just past Buckingham palace.

The park has a very long water feature that is serpentine shaped. The Kensington Gardens section of Hyde Park is actually separate and has been since the year 1728. Hyde Park in the area is compromised of over 350 acres of green space with Kensington gardens representing 275 acres. The total area of the park is reasonably smaller than New York City’s Central Park to the gardens are still widely visited as a break from the urban sprawl of London.

The original creation of the park was for hunting and the land was laid out by Henry VIII in 1536. Charles I would eventually create the ring and the boathouses to open the park for the general public in the year 1637. Hyde Park in its earliest years would have been a private hunting ground only available to royalty.

Some of the main features of the park include the decimus burton Hyde Park gate as well as the Wellington arch at Hyde Park corner. These large architectural Gates are made for the main entrances to the park and they are extremely intricate in their design and architecture.

Memorials can be found throughout the park including a memorial for the July 7 bombing in 2005. A memorial for Diana the Princess of Wales was created in the form of an oval stone ring found that was first opened 2004 on July 6. London’s Holocaust memorial can also be found here.

Whether you want to experience the history of this area and its beautiful grounds or just get a break from the city, Hyde Park is a wonderful stop in your London vacation.

Hyde Park London, England


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