Location / Language:Turkish,Kurdish,Arabis,Armenian,Greek / Currency:Turkish / Population:72,907,000

Hippodrome Of Constantinople, hippodrome of constantinople

Hippodrome Of Constantinople An Ancient Horse Racing Track

The hippodrome of Constantinople was once an ancient horse racing track during the Byzantine empire. The entire area of modern-day Istanbul is a preserved...
Haydarpasa, haydarpasa

Haydarpasa Terminal A Railway Terminal From 1872

Haydarpasa This transportation hub was first built and opened in the year 1872 as a railway terminal. Until the year 2012 this was a major...
Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi, corlulu ali pasa medresesi

Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi A Temple Of Great Historical Significance

Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi There is a temple of great historical significance within the University neighborhood called Beyazit in Istanbul. The Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresi...
Constantine, constantine

Constantine The Emperor “Column”

The column of Constantine is also known as the burnt pillar or burnt stone. This monument column was first constructed by the Emperor Constantine...
The Sultan Ahmet Square

The Sultan Ahmet Square Or The Social City Of Constantinople.

The Sultan Ahmet Square stands as one of the social centers of what was the city of Constantinople. This area was known as a...

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