Location / Language:Japanese / Currency:Yen / Population:127,728,000

Sannenzaka Slope, sannenzaka slope

Sannenzaka Slope A Cultural Path

Sannenzaka Slope The Sannenzaka slope is known as a series of approaching pathways that moves up to the Kiyomizu temple. This path actually runs to the northwest...
Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle Residence Of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Nijo Castle Nijo Castle is a structure that was first built in the year 1603 as the residence of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Ieyasu was one of...

Kyoto Station Leisure & Commodities

The observation deck in Kyoto station is also a fairly popular attraction. It's free to visit and it can be reached through a number...
Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station The Basics

Kyoto station has two main information centers inside as well including a number of PC terminals on the second floor with multilingual support for...
Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station

Kyoto station was a building that was first constructed to celebrate the 1200th anniversary of the city. The station first opened in the year...

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