La Pedrera top Barcelona, Spain

La Pedrera is also known as the miracle home or Cas Mila. It can be found at 92 Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona and it stands as one of the last several pieces of work that was professionally designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. The building was built between the year 1906 up until the year 1912.

The original work was commissioned by Pere Mila and his wife who wanted a building that would be structurally innovative. Many of the elements of this building continue to be something completely amazing and architecture with a self-supporting stone front, columns and floors which are free of loadbearing walls as well as an underground garage this is an excellent example of future architecture from the past.

The building received a world heritage site designation in the year 1984 and the building is preserved and repurposed as the main headquarters of the Fundacio Catalunya La Pedrera which manages a variety of activities, exhibitions and public functions throughout the building.

The building has been maintained and has undergone various renovations since the year 1969. It was in fairly poor condition leading into the early 1980s but has since had many of the original colors repainted inside.

The actual formation of the building is actually made up of two various courtyards as well as nine stories in total. There are over 20 apartments divided throughout the entire building and the Main floor features a 1323 m² layout. The various apartments within have unique shape Windows, furniture, hydraulic tiles and completely handcrafted wooden doors. Various patios throughout the structure are actually part of the key to supporting the interior façades. The building from the outside is instantly recognizable and if you are interested in checking out the inside of the space you may have to find yourself invited to one of the prestigious events in the area.

La Pedrera top Barcelona, Spain


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