Mandarin’s House┬áMandarin’s House

Mandarin’s House is a residential complex that’s located in Macau China. This area is of great historical significance as it was once the family home of the theoretician and political advisor Zhen Guanying. This would have been the house where he completed the words of warning in times of prosperity or Shengshi Weiyan. The house occupies over 4000 m making it one of the largest family houses in old Macau.

The residential complex has an extensive history as it was built in the year 1869. It was once occupied by Zheng Guanying as well as his brothers and as their families began to come around, the complex continued to grow in size. Most of the complex is built with a Cantonese style architecture but as the project continued more Western architectural elements made their way into the construction of this residential complex.

It wasn’t until the year 1950 that many members of the Zheng family began to move out of the complex and put it up for rent. At one time there was over 300 tenants living within the complex itself while the family was collecting rent value and this is when conditions were in their worst form.

The government would take over the Mandarin status in the year 2001 and restored it over eight years after a fire. The house would become part of the historic center of Macau and listed under UNESCO world heritage site categorization. This too floor home has over 60 rooms and showcases an awe-inspiring architectural style. The house is available for regular tours and photos and it can be plainly seen along walking tours for the historic center of Macau. If you are interested in the published works of this theorist or historical architecture, this is a site you need to visit.


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