Musee du Louvre Paris, France

The Louvre Museum is one of the most famous buildings in all of Paris. This art museum was first established in the year 1793 and its ranked as the number one nationally visited museum in France as well as the second most visited art museum in the world. 9.3 million people visit the Louvre every year and this is partially what makes the building a major landmark within the city.

The Louvre holds the title of being the world’s largest museum. The internal structure of the museum compromises nearly 783,000 square feet. The museum is located on the right bank of the Seine river and it contains over 35,000 artifacts on display. There are artifacts that range from the dawn of man all the way up until the 21st century.

The museum is housed within a fortress that was originally built under Philip the second. The museum draws its name from the original name of the fortress which was the Louvre Palace. The building was used as a house for royalty and a fortress up until the French Revolution where it was decreed that the building should be used as a museum.

The museum has been in operation since the year 1793 with the original exhibition standing at just 537 paintings. Throughout history a number of unique artifacts have been added into the Louvre collection. Today it represents one of the world’s most astounding collections of art, sculptures, artifacts and more. So many famous works including the Venus to Milo, Psyche revived by cupids kiss, Leonardo da Vinci‚Äôs the Mona Lisa and more can be found within the collection. Collections from Italian masters like Michelangelo and Rafaela can also be found inside the walls of the Louvre.

This museum represents some of the finest collections of artwork and artifacts from across the world. There are tours to fit almost any time constraint.

Musee du Louvre Paris, France



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