National Gallery London, England

The national Gallery in England is located in Trafalgar Square. The building was first established in the year 1824 and it sees nearly 6,000,000 visitors every year. As a top three national rank tourist site, the national Gallery of London is a must-see art museum during your stay in London.

The easiest way to access the national Gallery is through Charing Cross underground station. Located inside is a collection of artworks that can be visited free of charge. The museum itself is one of the most visited art museums in the world just after the Louvre as well as the British Museum.

The national Gallery first began when the British government purchased 38 paintings from an insurance broker in the year 1824. The original site was at Pall Mall by the area became quite crowded over time. In the year 1832 the newest building was designed by William Wilkins near Trafalgar Square. The building itself is an excellent example of neoclassical architecture and it was designed to look like a temple to the arts.

Inside the national Gallery are some of the most incredible works of art from major Western painters. There are examples of artwork from Giotto all the way to Cezanne. Many of these major works of art are now on permanent exhibition. Major public backings allowed the gallery to purchase a number of significant pieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian and more. Further public donations would also allow the building to expand further to hold new bequest pieces.

Throughout World War II the paintings in the national Gallery were preserved and relocated throughout Wales as well as various universities and colleges. The paintings would eventually be returned to the Trafalgar Square location in the year 1945 to be placed back on display for the public.

National Gallery London, England


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