Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the main buildings in the skyline for Shanghai China. There is a similar building in Manila modeled after it and the Oriental Pearl Tower was first created in the year 1994.

Construction on this tower began in the year 1991 and it’s one of the top locations along the tip of the Lujiazui in the Pudong district. Prominent views of this tower can be seen from The Bund. At 468 m high it’s one of the tallest structures in China and held the title as the tallest structure until 2007.

The building is recognized by the China national tourism administration and the entire tower is lit up brightly through LED sequences every evening. This light show is one of the main features of the skyline here especially at night. The Oriental Pearl Tower plays host to a number of different events throughout the year including prominent events like the Chinese live Earth concert that took place in 2007.

The architecture and the tower is made up of 11 spheres small and large. The spheres are all linked together by three different columns which are each around 9 m in diameter. The largest of the spheres is around 14 m in diameter and it’s easily recognizable across the river. The majority of the load supported by the tower is handled by three large columns that actually begin far underground.

The observation modules within this tower go far beyond the average tourism attraction. With 15 observation levels the highest of which is called the space module. The space module sits at 350 m and some of the lower levels start at around 90 m, 263 m, 267 m and more. The restaurant is available at the 267 m mark and it contains a 360° view through a revolving base.


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