Placa d’lsidre Nonell art Barcelona, Spain

The Nonell art gallery in Barcelona Spain is located within the Gothic quarter of Barcelona Spain. It features a number of works from this famous painter and illustrator who is a native to Barcelona. Featuring works in both postmodernism and modernism, the life of this creator was ruled by art and he developed an early talent for artwork as well as a passion for it even at an extremely early age. Some of his main teachers included lluis Graner as well as Gabriel Martinez and he studied at the fine arts school of Barcelona.

Much of the works on display include oil paintings based in the impressionism style of painting. In most cases very thick and layered strokes with mixes of color were added to display it an extensive amount of emotion. Many of the subjects throughout the gallery are women as well as people that he felt were extremely marginalized within society. Throughout many of the works displayed in the gallery and works that he created throughout his life, he faced criticism as well as rejection for the way that he portrayed poverty.

Although he came from fairly comfortable beginnings with parents that owned a prosperous soup noodle factory, he was interested most in studying those who were in a bad way. Many of his subjects included soldiers from the Cuban war as well as people who were suffering in poverty and from disease.

If you’re interested in exploring this gallery in Barcelona Spain you should strongly consider taking a look at some of the artwork here. It’s a completely unique style from a world-class and celebrated illustrator and painter. The Nonell art gallery and his various works of art can be displayed throughout many various museums across the country but this is one of the best places to see some of his most famous pieces of work as well as some of the pieces that he would have used throughout study.

Placa d’lsidre Nonell art Barcelona, Spain


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