Red Light District Amsterdam, Netherlands

The red light district in Amsterdam is one of the most famous spots for sex tourism and sex oriented businesses. In the red light district prostitution is legal and a number of strip clubs, adult theaters and erotic businesses can be found here.

The idea of the red light district actually comes from a term that was originally described for brothel signs. Many of the brothels in the red light district still continue this tradition and Amsterdam has one of the most famous international reputations for its red light district and brothel locations.

The red light district is a very unique experience in Amsterdam with a number of different bars, coffee shops, museums and more. The medieval alleyways in the red light district can be found just to the southeast of Central station.

The history of the area has been a trading harbor for prostitution since the middle ages. Even since the 1300s women have been carrying red lanterns to meet sailors near to clubs, bars and other entertainment venues even before prostitution was legal. Brothels in this area weren’t fully legalized into the year 2000. New regulations have also been inducted with closing windows occurring between 6 AM and 8 AM.

The red light district in Amsterdam has over 290 brothels and generates around €650 million in tax revenue for the city. The epicenter for the red light district still remains the 14th century old church which can be found at the entrance of the red light district. Close by to this area is the prostitution information Center which provides information about the area to both sex workers as well as visitors. Walking tours of the red light district are also available three times a week from this location.

It’s important or remember never to photograph or film anyone in the neighborhood and to consider checking out some of the red light secrets museums, the erotic Museum or the sex museum in Amsterdam. The Hash marijuana and hemp museum is also located here.


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