Red Square  Moscow, Russia

Red Square is a UNESCO world heritage site that was created in the year 1991. The name of Red Square comes from the city square Plaza that’s located in Moscow Russia. The Red Square works to separate the Kremlin or former royal citadel from the merchant quarter. The Red Square has always been one of the central squares of Moscow and it’s also one of the most popular streets in Moscow.

The Red Square today connects with all of the major highways which originate from the square and the name does not come from any type of color found in the square but rather from the link between red and the former Soviet unions communism.

The square was named for being red and beautiful under the Russian word Krasnaya. The history of this square as well as some of its is for Oracle events have been re-created in many paintings including the work of Konstantin Yuon and others. Coronations of several Russian Tsars have also taken place in this area. Many government ceremonies are held in Red Square and has been since it was originally established as a seat of government.

The Red Square as well as the Kremlin were actually some of the first spots in the USSR designated UNESCO world heritage sites. It’s a heavily visited area for many celebrities as well as many tourists each year. A major New Year’s celebration occurs here almost every year sometimes including a skating rink.

Some of the main buildings that can be seen within the square include Lenin’s mausoleum, St. Basil’s Cathedral as well as the other various cathedrals and palaces that make up the Kremlin. Access via the Moscow Metro network is one of the easiest ways to get to these tourist attractions and to explore the red square.

Red Square  Moscow, Russia


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