Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya city Tokyo is a special ward within Tokyo. This area is known for the Shibuya scramble crossing that occurs in this shopping district. This area has one of the grandest population densities in the world and the special ward is a 15 km square area that even has its own mayor.

The name is closer to the English word for shopping district but the region also has one of Tokyo’s busiest railway stops. Shibuya is one of the fashion epicenters of Japan and also one of the main focuses for it night life amongst some of the youngest members of Japan.

Shibuya was once the site of a castle owned by the family bearing the same name of Shibuya who originally settled in this area in the 11th century. The Yamanote Line in 1885 changed the area and eventually this spot within southwestern Tokyo would become one of the main commercial entertainment centers for the city.

The main village of Shibuya was first incorporated into the city of Tokyo in 1889 and the village only continued to expand thanks to its inclusion with the station. When the Tokyu Toyoko Line opened up in the year 1932 Shibuya would become one of the key terminals between Yokohama and Tokyo.

In the 1980s the region became extremely popular as a fashion department was several major shopping centers including the Shibuya 109. This is one of the best regions for use culture and the latest in fashion. It has always been an up-and-coming area and it’s also referred to as bit Valley since the 1990s as many of the top IT industry companies started in this area too.

Shibuya is a very progressive area of Tokyo and this was actually one of the first places in East Asia to deliver the right for partnership certificates for same-sex couples. If you want to experience Tokyo in one of its most progressive areas, you have to visit this region.

Shibuya Tokyo, Japan


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