The sky Garden in London can be found at 20 fan church street and it is a three-story public space that offers some of the best views throughout London. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to capture photos of London or you want to see a 360° view of the city in a beautiful garden space, this is an area that you need to explore.

Sky Garden is meticulously maintained in its landscaping and features a number of different observation decks across its open-air terrace. Not only is sky Garden one of London’s highest public gardens but it’s designed to be a place for the people. Sky Garden is always a place that’s quite busy and it features a fairly open and very vibrant looking design. Entrance into the sky Garden is completely free but space is limited so it’s important to book online early to make sure that you can secure your time to visit the park. This is a truly unique way of seeing the city of London.

Tickets for sky Garden are released three weeks in advance for people to claim their spot and tickets get released every Monday morning with booking for one hour at a time. In some cases tickets can be booked just one hour in advance of your visit. A time limit of one hour from the time of entry is included with the free admission and tickets are only considered valid for the time and date that are stated on the ticket for entry. It’s extremely important that you arrive on time and that you book fairly early when visiting the sky garden.

You’ll be treated to some wonderful sites including designers that planted completely unique garden spaces with plants of almost every type of South African and Mediterranean species. Plants are meticulously maintained and even if you don’t spend time looking out at the views of London, this is a beautiful place to take in for visitors and locals.


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