St. Paul’s Cathedral London, England

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in London England and it’s otherwise known as the Cathedral Church of St. Paul the Apostle. The cathedral was first planned in the year 1697 and it took until the year 1711 to completely finish construction. The main tower at St. Paul’s Cathedral is 221 feet with the highest point of the dome measuring at 365 feet.

The cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral as well is the main seat of the Bishop of London. St. Paul’s represents the mother church of the diocese of London and it sits on a high point on Ludgate Hill. St. Paul’s Cathedral is an easily recognizable landmark as it sits on one of the highest points in London. The building is a UNESCO world heritage site and there has been a church on this site since the year 604. While the current church dates back to the 17th century it has been majorly rebuilt throughout history. The cathedral was built in a Baroque style of architecture and required complete rebuilding after the great fire of London.

The cathedral stands as one of the most recognizable sites in London and it’s also one of its most visited attractions. The dome on this cathedral is actually one of the highest in a church building in the world. St. Paul’s has claimed the title of being the second-largest church building in the nation a title claim by Liverpool Cathedral.

St. Paul’s has been the host of a number of different funerals such as Margaret Thatcher, Sir Winston Churchill, the Duke of Wellington and more. It is also been the site for the wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana as well as the site of the 90th birthday for Queen Elizabeth II. St. Paul’s Cathedral offers hourly prayer and daily services as a working church as well.

St. Paul’s Cathedral London, England

St. Paul’s Cathedral London, England



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