Location / Language:Japanese / Currency:Yan / Population:127,728,000

Tokyo Skytree Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Skytree Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Skytree Tokyo, Japan The Tokyo sky tree is an observation tower restaurant and broadcast tower built in a neo-futuristic style. It was completed in...
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Tokyo, Japan Shibuya city Tokyo is a special ward within Tokyo. This area is known for the Shibuya scramble crossing that occurs in this...
Gundam Front, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan

Gundam Front Odaiba, Visit Tokyo, Japan

Gundam Front Odaiba Tokyo, Japan Odaiba is an artificial island that was produced in the middle of Tokyo Bay and it sits across the rainbow...
statue-of-liberty-replica-odaiba-tokyo-japan, Statue of Liberty Replica Odaiba

Statue of Liberty Replica Odaiba, Visit Tokyo, Japan

Statue of Liberty Replica Odaiba Tokyo, Japan The Statue of Liberty has been re-created hundreds of times in many different locations around the world but one...
Venus Fort Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan

Venus Fort Odaiba Visit Tokyo, Japan

Venus Fort is located in Odaiba Tokyo Japan in the pallet town region. Pallet town is a complex that includes a Ferris wheel, an...

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