Tokyo Skytree Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo sky tree is an observation tower restaurant and broadcast tower built in a neo-futuristic style. It was completed in the year 2012 and first designed in the year 2008. The sky tree has become a symbol that is synonymous with the city of Tokyo and it’s located in the Sumida region of Tokyo Japan.

The peak of the antenna spire stands at 634 m with the top floor of the observation deck reachable at 451 m. There are 13 different elevators within the tower and the structure still stands as the tallest tower in the world beating out Canton Tower. The sky tree is the second tallest structure in the world only after the Burj Khalifa.

The sky tree serves a purpose as more than just an observation deck is one of the main broadcast sites for the entire region of Kanto. The Tokyo Tower no longer delivers digital broadcasting coverage and the sky tree replaced all broadcasting rights in the year 2012. The easiest way to access the sky tree is to visit the Tokyo sky tree station or the Oshiage Station.

The complex and visitor center at the base of the sky tree is around 7 km to the northeast of Tokyo Station.

The tower has been produced with longevity in mind with a seismic proofing central shaft made of the heavily reinforced concrete. The structure actually has dampers which will act as a cushion during an earthquake as well as a mass control mechanism that can absorb around 50% of the energy from any earthquake force.

The entire tower is illuminated at night using LED lighting and there are often a variety of features based on world events and tribute lighting shows. The entire lighting scheme is completely programmable. Tickets for the sky tree can be purchased online and the view from the top observation deck is absolutely astounding.

Tokyo Skytree Tokyo, Japan


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