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Miami Florida

Location / Language:English / Currency: US Dollar / Population: 2,693,117

Miami Florida Miami Florida Miami Florida

Miami, Florida regardless of the beach has an indisputable charm. Ocean Dr has the world’s greatest collection of art-deco buildings some dating back all the way to the 1930s. Tropical vegetation and vibrant colored buildings make a picturesque paradise to discover. A creative haven, you will find unique 5-star chefs, original artistry covering a whole section of the city, sunny poolside terraces, glamorous world-renowned nightclubs, and elegant mid-century hotels.

When it comes to natural beauty Miami is one of a kind. Different shades of blues sweep the warm waters setting the stage for a legion of adventures. Get a feel for the people and madness on 7th st or wind down on the peaceful beaches of mid-beach. There are many islands to explore and is only two hours away from key west. Enjoy fresh air at Oleta River State Park searching for colorful bird species or bike down the paths for a little stimulus. Year round sunshine and warm weather makes the perfect setting whether its enormous music festivals or the Magic City allure that sweeps the streets cultural calender.

Sunset kissed skies illuminate brilliant colors across South Florida, and the nightcrawlers come out for an electric so to speak nightlife scene. Hence the name Magic City, moonlight ignites magic in the city. 24/7 partying 365 days a year with the club Eleven, top DJ’s and entertainers continually performing, unlax candlelit lounges, bars that close at 5 am, rooftop bars with panoramic views of Miami’s skylines and islands Miami, Florida has a very vivid nightlife. Besides the popular scene of nightlife, you can also find chic bars hidden behind neon-lit taco signs or backyard lit bars full of hipsters.

If you plan on vacationing to Miami, Florida you will not need to rent a car unless you plan on venturing further than Miami Beach. Everything is within walking distance. And if you are staying in a hotel in mid-beach (between 23rd Street and 63rd Street) an uber is practical because parking is a nightmare on south beach. More than likely you will not be staying north of mid-beach unless you are looking for a more secluded beach experience which you get already at mid-beach. Wynwood is the main landmark to see outside of South Beach and is a practical uber ride away from the beach. Once you get there, everything is within walking distance.

What is there to do besides the beach?

You can venture off to the Florida Keys and enjoy an island like experience. Beware traveling there during the holidays can become very hetic with bumper to bumper traffic as the locals flock to the keys. Don’t speed the highways are well monitered. Expect about a 3 in a half hour ride if you venture all the way to the most southern point which is more of a city. But there are great places to stop that you will still get the island like experience much closer such as key largo.


There is great shopping all over Miami. Lincoln road is an outdoor strip of bodegas and restaurants located on south beach. The best shopping is at Aventura Mall in North Miami it is the biggest mall. There is also Brickell city centre with more unique shops and rare private label store fronts you won’t find anywhere else in Miami. Merrick park is an upscale mall located in Coral Gables the heart of Miami. Dadeland, Dolphin, and International mall offers a good variety of stores to shop from. Southland mall and the Falls mall are the last malls in Miami, but they are more for the locals and not really worth the far drive to find the same thing at the others malls.


Nightlife is a big part of the culture in Miami with mega-clubs all over. South Beach has the biggest concentration of clubs and bars. Some of the more popular spots are club Liv, Story, Eleven. And as far as bars go you will want to check out Bodega a bar hidden behind a taco shop on the beach or Nikki beach a bar literally on the sand. Expect high prices at all of these locations as Miami is all about the glitz and glam. Looking for something affordable there is really no such thing in Miami but you can always hit a liquor store and pre-game before you go out there’s no shame in that.

There are very few places where you can get $1.00-$3.00 beers and $5.00 shots on certain nights such as a bar named Deuces on South Beach and Kill Your Idol can be a good time as well tso don’t lose all hope. Kill your idol is a unique bar it has a stripper pole secluded on the second floor and pool tables in the neighboring bar not everything fun has to be expensive.

Wynwood is full of bars thats the main scene there besides the amazing art creations all over the buildings. You can expect a hipster vibe in these bars and mostly all of the bars offer good food.

Brickell is another good bar scene in Miami these places get packed. Brickell is an upscale neighborhood in Miami. You can expect a younger more local crowd.

Coral Gables is the place to go if you’re looking for a more sophisticated older bar scene.

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