Versailles Restaurant in Miami is a very famous Cuban restaurant. Cuban food is delicious very filling and hearty. Most dishes consist of something to do with pork or chicken. The Ropa Vieja is a classic dish consisting of shredded beef cooked with onions, garlic, bell peppers, tomato sauce and wine. It like many dishes comes with a side of white rice, beans, and sweet plantains. Cuba has a heavy influence on seafood as well a good portion of the menu has seafood dishes. The paella a mixture of seafood and rice is an excellent choice for two if you’re not sure what to pick.Versailles restaurant is located on Calle Ocho (8th st) in Little Havana, Miami. Don’t worry about bringing too many people this restaurant seats 370 people. The inside is furnished with statutes and has ornate etched glass. You can sit down to eat or order takeout through the counter window. You also have the option to hold a party or banquet is this gigantic restaurant.

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This restaurant was founded in 1971 by Felipe A. Valls, Sr a man from Santiago de Cuba. Though it’s namesake is from France, Versailles. Versailles began its popularity among Cuban exiles in connection to anti-Castro politics.


The famous Cubano sandwich  

Media noche talk about a sandwhich the Cubans know how to make a perfect one. Delicious toasty Cuban bread, ham, cheese, and pickles. Easily one of the most iconic sandwiches on a Cuban menu. You can’t leave Miami without having a media noche from a Cuban restaurant. Versailles restaurant miami, restaurants in Miami, best restaurants in Miami

Don’t forget dessert  

No room for dessert well then take one to go because you have to try some of Cuba’s amazing sweets. Anything filled or topped with guava a sweet exotic fruit common in Cuba is a safe bet. Flan is also a very classic Cuban dessert as well as in many Spanish countries.


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